Headquartered in Houston TX, Vinmax Technologies is a global information systems, solutions, and services company, specializing in delivering best of breed enterprise technologies to large, medium, and small businesses. At Vinmax, we are constantly striving to maximize the return on investments in our customer's information systems through innovative thinking, focus on value creation, and enabling their information systems towards realizing their strategic business goals.
As an information technology solutions and services provider, we have significant experience in systems and applications integration, web services, enterprise resource planning, data warehousing, business intelligence, electronic data interchange, and B2B solutions. At Vinmax, we understand that the information technology challenges facing an enterprise are unique to its business and its marketplace. We have the experience and the vision to help navigate the fast changing technology world.
We specialize in assisting our customers for integrating new and emerging technologies with their existing systems infrastructure, adopting open industry standards, and enabling them for long term success.
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