Deploying Web Services in your enterprise will yield the delivery of optimal, timely, and role-based information access to key knowledge users in your business. Key decision makers in your company's business units will have access to wide variety of information services and decision making tools that empower them to perform with speed and accuracy.
Web services are sets of information services that provide customized views of business information to people based on their role or activity. With web services, you can provide information portals that make the right information available to the right people based on their role.
With web services, the knowledge users of your enterprise, and your business partners will be able to view, analyze, and customize business information based on the user's role and activity in the company. A key benefit of Web Services is the creation of information portals for your business users, thereby facilitating accurate business planning and forecasting, timely decision making, and enhance the overall productivity of the business users.
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